Features are important. They make or break an app. The team here at iSchoolerz, as being made of high schoolers, has looked to reinvent elements from our day to day lives, into easier and fluid actions on mobile devices.

Grades can set the path to a student’s life. However, students tend to be lazy. Having to turn on a computer, open a web browser, and type in a website has become a hassel. Instead, students can now navigate and be aware of their grades and homework by simply tapping an icon.


This has resulted into elements such as the planner, where along with noting down information about the assignment, students can snap a picture for easier reference. No confusion will be associated over which assignment is which.

Other elements that have come directly from problems are the bell schedule, campus map, and locker. No longer will students have the hassel of carrying around a bell schedule to recognize the timings between classes, a campus map for the location of rooms, and various unneeded sheets of papers for assignments. All of these will be stored and easily accessible from their mobile device.

Students always have their mobile device on them. Getting an alert out to students can be hard. With push notifications, all students can be alerted at any given time through the app.

These are just some of the many features that make iSchoolerz’ educational applications a must have for schools. These application push awareness of grades, lessen confusion, provide ease of access, and grant a channel of communication to users unlike any other.